As a User Experience designer, my main goal is to transform the needs and requirements of users and stakeholders into intranets, websites or mobile applications that look and feel great to use.

Currently working as User Experience designer at Australia’s leading residential property website

When it comes to wireframing interactive prototypes in a fast-paced project environment, there's no way around me and Axure RP. It's the best tool to make requirements visible and tangible very quickly. In addition to that, my concepts can be tested and verified with real users - before implementation starts.

My specialisations

 Research for SBB.

Research for SBB.


Analysing user behaviour - especially in the field in the form of contextual enquiries - is always an eye-opener. Gathering insights that then inform the client’s strategy is part of my repertoire. In the end, bringing together user and business needs is what makes every project an interesting challenge. I frequently conduct interviews, organise online surveys, analyse secondary research or even ride shotgun to be in the field to confirm/disprove my research hypotheses - and get useful inputs for my projects.

 New Sitemap for HESTA.

New Sitemap for HESTA.

Information Architecture

Whether it’s analysing an existing navigation and optimising it with the help of analytics and expertise, or building a new IA completely from scratch, I’m definitely up for it. Since I’m mainly working on replatform projects (with a lot of content), it’s usually the latter. My large mindmaps are then used to inform navigation, wireframing and all further phases of the project.

 Lab test for Optus.

Lab test for Optus.

Usability Testing

There’s not really a way around getting real users explore a prototype to see if your thinking is really delivering a solution that is easy to use and addresses the user needs and expectations. Depending on project budget, there should always be room to conduct at least a remote usability test to verify a prototype or an online card sort to challenge a new navigation. If time and money allow it, I’m happy to plan, conduct and analyse lab usability tests.



Static (or dynamic) wireframes as tangible artefacts for user requirements.

mobile first.jpg

Mobile First

Context-driven design focusing on small(er) screens with limited real estate.


Interactive Prototypes

Highly functional, interactive wireframes for large, tablet or mobile viewpoints.

Adobe AEM / Communiqué Expertise

Working for different agencies, I delivered concepts and guidance for national and international Adobe Experience Manager AEM replatform projects.



Winner Best of Swiss Web Award 2014
for ABB Energy Efficiency


Winner Best of Swiss Apps Award 2013
for UBS Financial Health Check